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modified 2/12/99

the iq 1000 motor protection relay was introduced around 1986 or 1987 as a replacement unit for the iq 2000. this then new motor protection relay boasted a multifunction, motor protective relay that monitored three phase ac current and made separate trip and larm decisions based on pre programmed motor current and temperature conditions. this new unit was a response to customer demands of a cost effective alternative to long and short delay current relays, ground fault relays, instantaneous overcurrent relays, phase loss or phase unbalance relays and transition time delay relays for reduced voltage applications.

this units predecessor, the iq 2000, was a much more complex unit that provided the above functionality with additional metering and voltage protection capabilities. proven to be a bit complex and much more expensive than our customers really wanted, existing customers began to demand a reduction in functions followed by a reduction in price. then westinghouse engineers put together this iq 1000 unit in response to these demands.

the iq 1000 was later to be replaced by the iq 1000 ii. the new iq 1000 ii included all of the features of the 1000 plus added many additional enhancements.

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bponi enables communications with the unit for situations where the information that this unit is monitoring is desired to be displayed on a computer or used in a plc and many other types of applications.
dc power supply supply power to this unit from a dc source.
urtd universal rtd module to bring your motor temperature and include protection on temperature.