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« on: June 06, 2017, 07:54:02 AM »
These videos are mostly throughout this website.  I've just copied them here to a single page for convenience.

LTSPICE simulation export, resampling and decimation tutorial
Low Voltage Underground Utility Networks
Ethernet Networks
Using Excel to Display Waveforms and Phasor Diagrams
Using Excel to Display Three-Phase Phasor Diagrams From X-Y Data
SFTP Connection to PXMP Meter
Using Excel to Generate and Display 3-Phase Harmonics
Adding the Analysis Tool-Pack to Excel
Calculating, Displaying and Normalizing FFT Collected From Multiple Devices
Measuring Harmonic Attenuation Using Programmable Phase-Shifted Transformers
Performing Arbitrary Math Functions Within COMTRADE Excel Importer Program
Comparison of Performance Using Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) Versus Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS)
Understanding Differential Relay and CT Matching
Using the COMTRADE Excel Importer to Determine RMS Values
Understanding Security When Connecting to a Java Enabled Power Xpert Meter
Harmonic Summation and Cancellation (Phase and Ground)
LTSPICE Quickstart Tutorials Part 1:
LTSPICE Quickstart Tutorials Part 2:
LTSPICE Quickstart Tutorials Part 3:
Power Systems Rule of Thumb (Recording of Instructor Led Class)
Using Excel to Create Harmonic Trend Viewer for PXM4/6/8K Meters
Comparing Fault Current Calculations using “Z Method” Versus the “R+jX Method”
Designing Higher Efficiency Mission Critical Power Systems
Power System Load Flow and Power Factor Correction Calculations (Recording of Instructor Led Class)
Power System Protection and Coordination (Recording of Instructor Led Class)
Predicting, Measuring and Abating Transients on Medium Voltage Systems with Vacuum Switching
Modbus MINT Programmer Tutorial
Modbus MINT Programmer Cloud Backup and Restore
Modbus MINT Programmer Issuing Control Commands to INCOM Device
Creating PXG900 Offline Configuration File
Differential Ground Fault Sensing