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Power Xpert Multi-Point (PXMP) meter
« on: November 10, 2016, 01:48:55 PM »
Need to get any information from the Energy Portal Module in the PXMP?  You can FTP (actually SFTP, which is FTP running through an SSH tunnel) directly to the file structure in the meter and download the files.

Here's an example using FileZilla (this address is behind the Eaton firewall so unless you work for Eaton just consider this an example... you will substitute your device's actual IP address)

Host: sftp://  (assume you are behind the Eaton firewall for this test)
Username: ftp
Password: ftp
Port: 2222

Here's a video showing step-by-step how you access those files:

EAllocation Software
Eaton also offers a more automated method of collecting these files.  Just download the free EAllocation software.  You can also download the manual.

EAllocation will automatically extract (via behind the scenes SFTP) and calculate kWh by month, by meter, by user. You can then export, print or email this data.

Here's another video / screencast I made showing how to use this software to download and allocate energy:

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