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Power Quality Newsletters

PQ Connection - Fall 2002

  • Combining Capacitors with Active Filters
  • Power Quality Troubleshooting
  • IQ7000
  • Electronic Voltage Regulator (EVR)

PQ Connection - Spring 2002

  • Cutler-Hammer Performance Power Overview
  • Understanding Your Electric Bill
  • Eliminating Lost Production in Plastic Machinery
  • Using Rotary UPS

PQ Connection - Fall 2001

  • Applying UPSs
  • FP-5000 Feeder Protective Relay Overview
  • PF Correction and Harmonic Resonance
  • Retrofiting Transfer Switches for Peak Shaving

PQ Connection - Spring 2001

  • Data Center Reliability
  • New Product Info
  • Voltage Sag Correction
  • PQ Training

PQ Connection - Summer 2000

  • Designing Safe and Reliable Electrical System
  • Reflective Wave Trap Improves Motor Reliability
  • New Product Info

PQ Connection - Summer 1999

  • Case Study - Marathon Oil
  • PQ Standards Update

Power Monitor Newsletters

Power Monitor Newsletter January 2003

  • New IQ 100. IQ7000 application at University of California, training programs available.

Power Monitor Newsletter June 2002

  • Hospital Realizes Quick ROI, Wireless Transceiver and PowerPDA Debut

Power Monitor Newsletter February 2002

  • Energy efficiency for multiuse office complex, ICONICS pocket GENESIS unveiled, Surge protection device debuts, Application note: IQ Analyzer trigger locks, Service agreements now offered.

Power Monitor Newsletter December 2001

  • Quality products depend on quality power; white paper on software and submetering; WebPONI makes its debut; free PowerNet 3.12 upgrades; early birds, register for the power solutions working conference; vote for product of the year.

Power Monitor Newsletter October 2001

  • Power management for reliable poultry supply, product of the year finalists, PSWC rescheduled, power enforcement experts have arrived, Eaton Cutler-Hammer to the rescure after tropical storm Allison, New life for IMPACC systems.

Power Monitor Newsletter August 2001

  • Power Solutions Working Conference. Information on attendees, presenters, conference topics, exhibits, technical tours, activities, fees and registration, and hotel and travel.

Power Monitor Newsletter July 2001

  • Power Management Shifts into High Gear at Automotive Supplier, Fast, Free and Easy: PowerPort and PowerNet Upgrades, Introducing the Ethernet MINT, Wireless Wonders: Eaton and ICONICS

Power Monitor Newsletter June 2001

  • Mall Energy, First FP-5000 Installation, SuiteVoyager for the Web, New CHESS Services, PMP Selection Tool

Power Monitor Newsletter April 2001

  • E-BILL Plays Hard Ball, FP-5000 Arrives on the Scene, FP-5000 Arrives on the Scene, Answers to your Power Quality Questions, Maximum Uptime with C-HESS

Power Monitor Newsletter January 2001

  • Case study in uptime, the portable IQ Analyzer, new PowerNet features, maximizing your power management investment, MP-3000 Trade-Up program

Power Monitor Newsletter December 2000

  • PMUG 2000, PowerPort download debut, MP-3000 Trade-Up program, peak performance for PM systems


Failure Contributors of MV Electrical Equipment and Condition Assessment Program Development

  • Paper describes how to implement condition based maintenance using several predictive diagnostic techniques. Focuses on the key problem of determining the probable cause after a failure and on the selection of the proper diagnostic tools.  Authors: Gabe Paoletti P.E., Martin Baier P.E.

Aging Correctional Facility Electrical System Improvements
(PDF - 1.6MB)

  • Presentation describes how to identify most likely points of failure within a facility, what types of diagnostics can be employed to confirm this assumption and finally includes several solutions for renovating equipment.  Author: Dave Loucks P.E.

Applying Harmonic Solutions to Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

  • Problems associated with harmonic distortion are well understood for many power system applications. However, finding the right solution is challenging. There are at least ten different technologies to choose from, each with specific technical and economic advantages. This presentation will provide recommendations for reducing harmonic distortion, improving system capacity and improving system reliability while evaluating economic considerations. Special considerations for applying capacitors on a power systems with harmonics will be discussed. Finally, opportunities for improving energy efficiency using harmonic technologies will be explained.  Author: Daniel Carnovale, P.E.

Connection of a Distributed Resource to 2-Transformer Spot Network

  • This article highlights an approach taken for successful installation of a 75kW DR to a spot network supplying an office building. In the subject case an indiscriminate connection of DR would have resulted in serious consequences to system integrity. The solution consisted of applying power relays for automatic supervision of the DR depending on the conditions in the system. The signals were derived directly from the network protectors ensuring full integrity of the system. Tests demonstrated that the installation performed as designed. DR has been in operation since early 2002.  Author: Martin Baier, W.E. Ferro, D.R. Smith


Surge Protective Device 

120/240 Vac Panelboard with integrated surge (PRL1a/PRL2a) (15.4 MB)


Basic Elecricity, Part 1 (7.5 MB)

  • A tongue in cheek explanation of how electricity works
  • 480 Vac Panelboard (up to 800A) with integrated surge (PRL3a) (14.7 MB)

    480 Vac Panelboard/ Switchboard (up to 1200A) with integrated surge (PRL4) (13.3 MB)

    Automatic Transfer Switches

    Generation Systems Video Segments ATC-200 Controller Video (49.5 MB)

    Industrial Facilities Systems (IFS)

    Video describing the space and cost savings of this technology 
    (Requires Macromedia Flash Player to run.  You will be asked if you want to install this player if Flash is not already loaded on your computer.  Answer 'yes'.)

    Case Studies / Application Notes

    Notre Dame Peak Shaving System

    Paint Booth Fan Control

    • Reduced energy and maintenance by installing variable speed drives

    Limit Switch Upgrade

    • Premature failure of limit switches in rugged mechanical environment solved by replacing with special inductive proximity sensor

    Limit Switch Upgrade II

    • Premature failure of limit switches in hot, high-pressure washdown area solved by replacing with limit switch rated NEMA 6P (submersible)

    Extend Battery Life Using Soft-Load Transfer Switch

    • A power system event that exceeded the ITIC (CBEMA) limits, cause the battery back up system to supply power to the load.  Unless the transfer switch is a "soft-load" type, periodic generator testing will also cause a power quality event that will cause the batteries to be exercised, reducing their life.

    Balance Battery Charging to Increase Life

    • Telecommunication battery strings are typically paralleled without any blocking rectifiers.  This lack of blocking rectifiers permits circulating currents and exposes the system to a particular event called "thermal runaway".  Installing the rectifiers offers many other benefits too.

    Monitor System Through Legacy SCADA System

    • Existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquition systems require significant effort to add new field devices, especially if these field devices don't speak the same protocol.  Learn how to overcome this problem by installing a smart device that analyzes and consolidates signals, then sends contact closure signals to the existing RTU, permitting the existing SCADA system to receive data from sophisticated new battery monitors. 

    E-mail or Cell Phone Notification of Impending Problems

    • Learn how a device can be connected to your electrical equipment that sends alarms to you, directing your efforts where they will do the most good.

    HMI Upgrade with Minimum Fuss

    • Upgrading a legacy PanelMate to a more powerful solution is easier since the application from those old units can be uploaded without change into new more powerful units.  Learn how.

    Improve Mission Critical Reliability with Spot Network

    • Conventional transfer switches and primary selective (main-tie-main) system cannot detect the failure in a source and switch to a new source fast enough to provide power to the load that is within ITIC (CBEMA) power quality limits.  Learn how a spot network provides this bumpless switching from bad source to good source for about the same cost as a primary selective (main-tie-main) system.

    Calculation Tools

    Battery Life Extension

    • Periodic testing or other switching (as might occur preceding a storm) causes transitory events that are detected by downstream UPS and other battery backed system causing a short duration discharge during the switching event.  This calculator determines the amount of degradation caused by this switching and computes an ROI to install a soft-load device that eliminates these transitory events.

    Power Factor

    • Texas Utilities (TXU) has begun a new program to penalize customers for low power factor.  Use this calculator to determine if installing capacitors would be beneficial based on data available from your TXU energy bill.
    • The amount of cooling is dependant on the dimensions of the enclosure, the paint color, the amount of insulation and latitude of the installation.  Use this calculator to determine the amount of cooling needed.  This calculator can also be used to determine the amount of auxiliary heating necessary to maintain a non-condensing internal environment by raising the internal temperature above the external ambient.

    Commerical Building Energy Usage Calculator

    • The US DOE commissioned an energy consumption study of over 4.6 million buildings and segmented the data by type of enterprise and by size of structure.  The study did not include manufacturing locations.  To use, simply identify your type of enterprise (education, healthcare, etc.) and the facility size.  If you know your monthly energy bill, the calculator will compare your energy bill to the US average for a similar building.

    Predictive Diagnostics Calculator

    • Advanced “Partial Discharge” technology now allows you to predict imminent insulation failure within medium voltage equipment, saving the expense of equipment loss and downtime due to catastrophic, unexpected failure. Use this calculator to determine if this technology makes sense for your application.

      Also includes a generic ROI calculator usable with any hardware or financial decision. If you know the initial cost, annual savings and projected life of equipment, this calculator will determine the compounded rate of return, also know as IRR.

    Spot Network "Quick Check" Calculator

    • Applying a spot network instead of a secondary selective (main-tie-main) distribution system decreases the likelihood of a power outage by 80%, but costs the same as the main-tie-main system. The catch is that not all applications are candidates for spot network systems. While a detailed engineering study is needed to know for sure, use this calculator to eliminate some applications.
    Distributed Generation Evaluator

    • Operating a local generator can make sense as long as local environmental permits are updated and you have a firm understanding of the economics of operating the generator. To help know if running a local generator makes sense, use this calculator. It uses commonly available data from your energy bill to estimate the right size of a standby generator and provide IRR (rate of return) costing data.



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